Antique Folding Chair 

This folding chair is of particularly interesting design. It swivels on a hand-cut half circle hinge, allowing it to be folded into a narrow item that can be stored easily . Thick leather serves for the seat and back, emphasizing the chairs royal appearance. 
It was in dire condition:
1. The hinges were very loose (worn) and cracked in multiple places.
2. All chair parts loose, some broken.
3. Chair covered in decades of grime and grease that had soaked deep into the open pored wood, making cleaning unsatisfactory. 
4. Old leather was dried out and cracked.

The chair was dismantled and all parts cleaned of old glue. With the chair apart all parts were planed, scraped and sanded down to bear wood, which was white! BTW. 
The hinges needed some special care to insure longevity, so above fixing all the cracks the bearing faces were soaked with thin epoxy which created a nice hard bearing surface. We then glue the chair back together, stained it to the requested color and refinished it. The last step was to cut and install the leather seat and back. The result is a very smart up scale look.

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