When a furniture finish becomes so distressed, and it's impractical to repair, then only refinishing  can restore it 100%.  A chemical stripper is used to melt away the old finish down to the pores of the wood, followed by several stages of sanding.  Once the wood is prepared, it is stained as necessary, sealed with a foundation coat, then finished with topcoats of lacquer or other finishes.

Depending on the conditions, Restorno is equipped for on-site refinishing. 


Touch-up and Reconditioning:  

When a finish is distressed but not ruined, it can be repaired.  Some finishes lend themselves to repair, while others do not.  Some information about the finish can be seen in pictures or heard in conversation about the history of a piece, but on-site inspection or even testing are necessary to determine how well a finish can be repaired.


French Polishing:

The traditional finish of fine antiques is shellac, applied by a method know as French polishing.  Few craftsmen still know how, and fewer know how to do it well.   While lacquers offer greater protection, French polish is unrivaled for warmth and authenticity. 

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